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Who we are....

One Fair World in Salem, Oregon, is a Fair Trade, not-for-profit retailer of quality, artisan-crafted home décor, accessories, candles, personal care items, jewelry, musical instruments, cards, stationery, baskets, carvings, as well as some food products such as coffee, chocolate, cocoa and tea.  We have been in Salem since 2000.

Our Mission Statement is,  "As a non-profit business our mission is to transform lives of artisans in developing countries by providing a marketplace for their products, paying them fair wages, and increasing local awareness of the importance of fair trade."  Our tagline is "Gifts That Give Hope".

Once you walk through our door, you will find unique, beautiful and delicious products from around the world.  Many items are produced with recycled and/or natural, sustainable materials. 

We think you will be amazed at the variety of items to be found in our 800 square feet of space in historic, revitalized downtown Salem, where we have been located for nearly ten years.  The store may be relatively small, but the selection is vast.  Each product will connect you with a talented, hardworking individual in a developing country - each with his or her own story.

Each object tells a story

We are among an ever-growing number of fair trade stores throughout the United States and Canada, whose primary mission is the alleviation of poverty.  Our sources have spent decades cultivating long-term trading relationships in which artisans and producers receive a fair price for their work and consumers have access to distinctive handcrafted pieces and delicious food items. 

Thus, in places where women and men were either unemployed or underemployed, and in which they lacked other opportunities to earn an income, they now have hope.  They become self-sufficient and can provide food, housing, education (including books, tuition and school uniforms) and health care for themselves and their families.

For those of you who knew us as Ten Thousand Villages, we wish to reassure you that we still have a very positive relationship with that organization and will continue to purchase many of their products.  Our name change to One Fair World was made simply to allow us to expand our mission to even more artisan and food producer groups in an ever-increasing number of countries.

We pride ourselves on providing you an outstanding customer experience.  Every morning, we put the fresh coffee out and treat you to international music.  We trust that you will partner with us in the creation of ONE FAIR WORLD.  Please stop in soon.

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